Tomica Thomas and Friends Shorts is a series of short episodes written by DieselD199. The first episode was uploaded on April 13, 2010. While the first two were intended for adult audiences, DieselD199 decided to write his shorts with a younger audience in mind for the following shorts.


  1. An Easter Eye-Opener
  2. Tender Engines United
  3. Somethings Up With Thomas
  4. What Does This Look Like To You?
  5. Playing With Fire
  6. Dèjá vu
  7. Corn Starch and Red Food Colouring
  8. Health Ed
  9. Attack of the Wooden Box on Wheels
  10. Things Go Bump in the Night
  11. Percy Comes Out
  12. Operation Easter Special
  13. Coal for Henry
  14. Percy Strikes Out
  15. Edward Helps Out
  16. Neville Gets Bumped
  17. Dirty Histories
  18. My Funnel's Bigger Than Yours
  19. An Average Day for Thomas
  20. Slender Engine - The Eight Trucks
  21. Come Out Henry!
  22. A Mildly Bad Day for Sir Handel
  23. Milk & Cookies
  24. Trouble in the Yard
  25. Rosie's Valentine
  26. Gordon, James, and the Special Coal
  27. Branchline Diesels, Mainline Trains
  28. Thomas & Stepney
  29. April Fools Day
  30. Devious Diesel 10
  31. Dirty Diesels
  32. Diesels, Ducks, and Demons
  33. Troublesome Trucks
  34. Joke's on You
  35. Full Dream Ahead!
  36. Trick Or Treat
  37. Deus Ex Machina
  38. Incline Antics
  39. A Brony on the Line
  40. Unstoppable
  41. The Tedious Tale of Timothy
  42. Shed Y4083
  43. Thomas in America
  44. Truck or Treat
  45. The Great Bridge Jump
  46. Thomas, Percy And The Pony
  47. Journey Beyond Realism
  48. A Decade of Madness
  49. Star of the Special
  50. Magic Railroad Mayhem
  51. No Place but Home

Slow Motion Crashes

Wooden Railway Versions

  1. The Great Bridge Jump