Thomas in America
Short 43
Short 43
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Air date July 1, 2016
Written by DieselD199
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Thomas in America is the Forty-third Short of Tomica Thomas and Friends.


Thomas is traveling across Arizona in America, even though he doesn't know how he got to America. When he runs into trouble, he topples off the tracks, down on the road, and down the slope. Thomas gets his undercarriage hurt from three rocks, gets a black eye from a big rock, and when he notices a sign of the famous Grand Canyon, he then shouts "What?!" and he jumps the canyon. Thomas thought it was over, but the cracks on the side of the Big Canyon were issued where he was. This made Thomas fall into the bottom of the Canyon. When Thomas returned to Sodor, Sir Topham Hatt asked how the trip was, but Thomas doesn't want to talk about it.



  • This is the first short to feature music by Upsidenow.
  • This Short was based off of the “Thomas Runs Into Trouble In Monument Valley“ Video posted By the Thomas & Friends YouTube channel.