Thomas, Percy & The Pony
Short 46
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Air date May 12, 2017
Written by DieselD199
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Thomas, Percy & The Pony is the 46th Short of Tomica Thomas and Friends.


After Gordon ran over Percy's Little Pony, Percy rushes to the vet with it, but he runs out of water and begins to cry. Thomas appears pulling the local passenger train. Percy explains that Gordon ran over his pony, and Thomas agrees to help Percy, and he is subsequently stranding his passengers and coaches in the process. 

Instead of taking the pony to the Vet, Thomas takes the pony to a ravine and throws it into the ravine, telling it not to come back. Later, Thomas was taking on water when Percy came and asked him about the pony. Thomas lies that the pony didn't make it and there was nothing the vet could do. Percy falls for Thomas' made up story and leaves, crying about his pony, but Thomas thinks he can get over it.

That evening, Annie and Clarabel scold Thomas for stranding them on the Main Line. However, Edward shows up, telling Thomas that Percy is leaving Sodor now that his pony had passed away. Thomas worries for his friend (or his favorite character to torture)  and decides to joins Edward in stopping Percy from leaving Sodor. Once again, Thomas leaves Annie and Clarabel, stranded in the middle of nowhere.





TOMICA Thomas & Friends Short 46- Thomas, Percy & the Pony

TOMICA Thomas & Friends Short 46- Thomas, Percy & the Pony