Something's Up With Thomas
Short 3
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Air date October 22, 2010
Written by DieselD199
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Tender Engines United What Does This Look Like to You?
Something's Up With Thomas is the third short of Tomica Thomas and Friends.


Percy races to the sheds, alarmed that Sir Topham Hatt has been murdered. Thomas feigns innocence as Percy accuses him, citing a video on YouTube of Thomas running him down repeatedly. He continues to show no concern for being approached by the police, which he plans to run over just like he did to the Fat Controller. When Percy asks what caused Thomas to kill him, Thomas cites that Sir Topham Hatt refused to give up the last donut. Percy asks Thomas why he would want a donut, Thomas claims not to remember despite the incident only happening two hours ago, saying that he got what he deserved. When Percy is horrified by Thomas' horrible act, he asks if he would do the same to him. Thomas retorts he would never hurt a woman (which he discerns by the pitch of his voice), claiming to have forgotten Percy's name. When Percy reminds Thomas of his name, he merely calls Percy's name gay.



  • This is the first out of 4 times that Sir Topham Hatt has been murdered by an engine.



TOMICA Thomas & Friends Short 3- Something's Up With Thomas

TOMICA Thomas & Friends Short 3- Something's Up With Thomas