Shed Y4083
Short 42
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Air date March 14, 2016
Written by DieselD199
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The Tedious Tale of Timothy Thomas in America
Shed Y4083 is the forty-second short of Tomica Thomas and Friends


Thomas is on a mission to investigate a mysterious shed on the other side of the island. Upon his arrival, Thomas' greatest fear is realized, in that he has been recreated in the form of cheap Wooden Railway merchandise. 



  • This is the last short to feature music by Allison Jacobs, Lena and Kevin MacLeod.
  • This short is a parody of Pauls Vids' dark mockumentary Shed 17.
  • Y4083 is a reference to the Thomas Wooden Railway Thomas' product code. 
  • This is the first short to have lip syncing. 


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