Operation Easter Special
Short 12
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Air date April 29, 2011
Written by DieselD199
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Percy Comes Out Coal for Henry
Operation Easter Special is the 12th short of Tomica Thomas and Friends.


The Tender Engines were having a meeting about Easter because they know that Sir Topham Hatt keeps eating all the candy, just as Sir Topham Hatt comes in telling them to work and that he doesn't pay them to do nothing, but Gordon protests that Sir Topham Hatt doesn't pay them at all, so Sir Topham Hatt left. Gordon then tells the other engines that he has a plan to save Easter and explained the plan to them.

That night, before Easter, Gordon made sure that Thomas and Percy were asleep and he told James and Henry it was time to go, and they left the sheds. They met Murdoch, Donald and Douglas at the yards, did roll call, and began with the plan. Gordon, Henry, and James went to Sir Topham Hatt's house and stop safely, except Henry, who bumped into James. Gordon wakes up Sir Topham Hatt and when the light went out, Gordon knocked him out. Murdoch and the twins went along the line and found a big carrot to attract the Easter Bunny and brought it back to the yards, where the other engines were waiting for him, they slept the rest of the night.

On Easter morning, Gordon noticed that the Easter Bunny got the carrot, but doesn't see any eggs. James then sees a field of Easter Eggs, which Gordon announced that Easter is saved and every engine on Sodor had a wonderful time, even Percy who found a bunch of purple eggs, he shows them to Thomas. Meanwhile, Sir Topham Hatt woke up to see he's tied up and that he wanted the Easter Eggs, real badly. James then told the Narrator that engines can't eat eggs, so the Narrator told James to shut up.