Gordon Goes Foreign
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Air date July 11, 2013
Written by Written by Rev W. Awdry

Adapted by DieselD199

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Gordon Goes Foreign is a special installment of Tomica Thomas & Friends.


When a foreign engine visits, an argument ensues between him, Gordon, and Duck over, of all the things, the name of London's big station. Gordon wants to find out, but is not allowed to pass Barrow. However, when the engine that takes the Express to the Mainland derails, Gordon jumps at the chance to take the train, and the next day the Fat Controller reads in the paper that Gordon received a hero's welcome. However, when he returns, Gordon is upset, having discovered that it is St. Pancras.



  • This video is the first and currently only RWS adaptation made by DieselD199 .
  • Because a TOMY model of The Foreign Engine was not produced, Spencer was used to depict this engine.